Stronger Than Welding

Stronger Than Welding

Huck Changes the Equation

While welding has long been utilized in applications that require a secure joint, today's manufacturers have several strong reasons to consider a proven alternative – direct-tension, swaged-on, maintenance-free HuckBolts® from Howmet Fastening Systems.

Fastening with vibration-resistant HuckBolts instead of welding delivers five key benefits:



Welding is dangerous. Whether it's fires from a random spark, unintended injuries, spent rods littering the assembly floor, welding can interfere with worksite safety, organization and cleanliness.


HuckBolts are easy to install and require a minimal amount of training. The Huck system only requires a single trigger press to deliver high, consistent preload. No operator discretion or adjustment required.


A HuckBolt can be installed in as little as two seconds due to the short time required to apply the tool to the pin and initiate the installation cycle.

Cost Savings

HuckBolts don’t require costly, certified labor to install. A quick visual inspection is all it takes to ensure a solid joint. Once installed, there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

Structural Integrity

Huck is famous for a high-level of vibration-resistance, creating semi-permanent joints that will perform in extreme conditions for years to come without the issues of weld fatigue.



Faster. Safer. Simpler. More cost-effective. And proven with several decades of flawless performance in trucking, rail, automotive, agriculture and many other industries. Find out why so many forward-thinking design engineers have made the switch from welding to HuckBolts. 

No More Welding. It's Only a Click Away.

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