Unfazed By Harsh Environments

Unfazed By Harsh Environments

HuckGuard® Offers Maximum Corrosion Protection

While all HuckBolts are engineered and manufactured to deliver a consistently high level of corrosion resistance, our revolutionary HuckGuard® coating has the highest level of protection available in an engineered fastener. 

HuckGuard is specifically developed to protect swaged collars and Huck 360® nuts. By combining a zinc-rich basecoat with an organic topcoat, our 2-piece fasteners are protected from metal-weakening corrosives found in the harsh environments where HuckBolts are commonly used today.

The coatings for Huck fasteners are applied at our plant in Waco, Texas. This single-source benefit offers speedy delivery, quality control, and efficient in-house finishing for products.

Two Collars. Three Weeks of Salt Spray.

HuckGuard is an RoHS compliant coating that can withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray testing with two coats, compared to just 100 hours for typical collars treated only with zinc. After three weeks of ASTM B117 salt spray exposure, two collars were compared side-by-side.


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