Row after row, year after year

Row after row, year after year

High Clamp
Vibration Resistant

Huck fasteners simply do not shake loose

HuckBolts are unmatched in vibration-resistance and strength for tractors and harvesters and the grain carts, ploughs, planters, balers, tillers, and rotary cutters they pull across the fields for endless hours.

It's easy to understand why. Huck technology delivers one-time fastening that is completely maintenance-free.

No re-checking. No re-torquing. No re-tightening.

Holding their own season after season.

Huck fasteners are also reliable performers in mobile and permanent structures around the farm or out on the range.

Grain silos, irrigation assemblies, and chassis attachments like cab frames, seats, and access panels are quickly assembled with semi-permanent joining power that withstands the rigors of food production and holds tight in 100 mile-per-hour winds.

Compared to welding, HuckBolts are fast, easy, and safe to install without special certification or training. The ones put on 50 years ago are still there today, yet are easily removed for any major repairs.

This reliable joining also comes with more strength and less weight because fewer fasteners are needed thanks to higher shear, tensile and clamp forces than comparable size nuts and bolts.

Strong. Reliable. Unrelenting in their performance. Huck fasteners are the future for manufacturers of all types of equipment used around the farm and in the fields. 


Powerful, consistent clamp helps lighten the weight of heavy equipment by allowing the use of aluminum rather than welded steel components.


HuckBolts are precision-engineered to install with a direct-tension/swaged-on collar that stays put even under extreme conditions.


A cutter nosepiece on Huck tooling allows some semi-permanent, direct-tension BobTail collars to be removed in seconds, giving access to critical parts or to replace a worn or bent component.

2-piece HuckBolts®

Blind Fasteners

Huck® tooling and power options

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