Billions Of Miles Ahead

Billions Of Miles Ahead

Vibration Resistant

Fasteners That You Never Have To Think About

Billions of miles of over-the-road, twisting-and-shaking hold power proves time and again that Huck® fasteners are reliably 100% maintenance-free.

From truck shock-mounts and suspension members to floor and subframe assemblies on trailers, Huck fasteners provide the most durable, most advanced fastening solutions for transportation manufacturers.

No re-checking. No re-torquing. No re-tightening. Ever.

A truck or trailer assembled using Huck fasteners delivers top life-cycle value, reduced warranty claims, and by adding more years on the road for each vehicle.


Huck has a fastener to hold it all together

2-piece HuckBolts®

Blind Fasteners

More Howmet Fastening Options

Rivets, Rivet Nuts, and Tooling Wire Thread Inserts Solid Thread Inserts Quick-Release Latches

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