Heavyweight In Lightweighting

Heavyweight In Lightweighting

Increase strength and save weight

Equipment performance is directly affected by weight. Anywhere you can save weight during assembly is critical. HuckBolts can contribute to lightweighting of equipment such as automobiles and heavy machinery in two important ways.

First, because Huck fasteners offer higher clamp and tensile strength than conventional fasteners, fewer or smaller diameter Huck fasteners can be used. This helps to reduce equipment weight, without loss of performance, and less inventory is required.

Second, using HuckBolts allows for the use of lighter weight aluminum instead of steel in the joining process. While welding aluminum has historically been prohibitive, the strong clamp performance of HuckBolt fasteners provides the joining power to attach aluminum elements without welding. In addition, Huck fasteners are also less costly on a per-piece basis. And because fewer fasteners are used, the overall cost of assembly is less.

Lightweighting vehicle assemblies is beneficial for automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles by helping to shed pounds for increased payload and fuel efficiency.

Increase strength and save weight with Huck fasteners.

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