Huck. Time and again.

Huck. Time and again.

Fast installation. No maintenance.

Huck engineered, direct-tension fasteners are swaged on for a smooth, consistent, jolt-free installation in as little as 2-seconds each.

Huck also helps you save time because installation confirmation only requires a quick visual inspection of the collar is all it takes. In addition, digital read outs from the Huck Tru-Set system help ensure precise installation on critical assembly jobs.


The potential for repetitive stress syndrome, often experienced with torque wrench installations, is virtually eliminated. In addition, using Huck fasteners do not require highly trained installation personnel, and provides for fast, safe, and accurate assembly.

Ergonomically designed, lightweight Huck hydraulic and pneumatic installation tooling was created especially to work with Huck fasteners. This system allows for increased ease of installation and efficiency of assembly.

• Often installs in under 2-second

• Easy, visual verfication

• Maintenance-free

Huck® fasteners are engineered for quick, easy installation, saving valuable assembly time.

Watch speed of installation at work in this video.


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