More Up Time

More Up Time

Fast Installation
Vibration Resistant

Certified Maintenance-Free For Towers, Nacelles and Blades

Towering height combined with constant movement make your choice of fastening systems a critical one in wind turbine applications. With their superior vibration resistance and maintenance-free holding power, Huck® fasteners from Howmet Fastening Systems are the go-to solution for wind power joining challenges

Maintenance-free. Guaranteed.
After lengthy and vigorous testing, the Huck BobTail® HuckBolt® (12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm and 1” diameter) has been certified to be maintenance-free by the DIBt. The world-renowned institute grants European technical approval for construction products and systems.

That means no re-torquing, re-tightening, or re-checking. BobTail connections require no maintenance.

The BobTail system also delivers quick installation cycle time for greater productivity – as fast as 2 seconds.* This quick cycle is due, in part, to the short time required to apply the tool to the pin and initiate the installation cycle.

Once the operator engages the trigger, the swage and eject sequence is programmed to complete the cycle without any additional worker input.

The gets your wind farm up and running faster than any other fastening system.

Huck delivers faster installation and maintenance-free joining

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