Vibration Has Met Its Match

Vibration Has Met Its Match

Unshakeable Clamp

Even in the most vibration-intensive environments, Huck fasteners maintain their structural integrity for the life of the joint.

HuckBolts are installed using direct tension and swaging, so there are no gaps between collar and bolt threads – a common source of loosening in conventional nuts and bolts. Full metal-to-metal contact between the swaged-on collar and the pin maintains consistent clamp force, even in the harshest, vibration filled applications.



Compared to conventional bolts, HuckBolts have 30% more cross-sectional area and a larger root radius, resulting in a much stronger and more secure joint. This delivers 5x the fatigue strength, and up to 5x larger root radius than regular bolts.


Transverse Vibration Comparison

HuckBolts are not subjected to the twisting force of torsion that a torque wrench applies to a conventional bolt. So they can safely be taken to higher preload values, resulting in higher clamp, higher strength, and the highest level of vibration resistance of any fastener.

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