Heavy Duty Hold

Heavy Duty Hold

High Clamp
High Fatigue Strength
Vibration Resistant

Putting The Clamp Down on Welding

The Huck brand means one thing - reliably strong joints, even in the extreme environments that dozers, excavators, large hydraulical machinery, shredders, and all types of heavy equipment work every day.

And HuckBolts are superior to welding in speed and accuracy of installation, in safety, in training, and in overall assembly productivity. 

They provide consistent, extremely-high shear and tensile strength, and are proven to hold their clamp, even with constant vibration. The direct-tension/swaged-on method used to install them presses carbon steel collars into the graded steel threads of a pin that gets stretched during installation to deliver a consistent clamp force that lasts and lasts. They simply are not coming off on their own.

Industrial strength, jolt-free tooling eliminates repetitive stress syndrome that can be a problem when bolts are torqued.

Our famous brands of HuckLok®, Magna-Lok®, BobTail® and BOM® are well-tested and proven to be reliable and vibration-resistant for use in equipment frames, cabs, doors, and anyplace you need to secure attachments so they stay put.

Fasteners for Heavy Equipment

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