Everywhere The Sun Shines

Everywhere The Sun Shines

Fast Installation
High Fatigue Strength
No Corrosion

The Future of Fasteners for PV Panels and Frames

Huck® fasteners are precision-engineered to deliver unmatched installation speed, fatigue life and vibration resistance, tested and proven in solar arrays around the world.

Each BobTail® HuckBolt can be secured in as little as 2 seconds, compared to 10 seconds for each typical nut and bolt fastener. Our uniquely designed self-grounding BobTail can even replace conventional multi-part, grounding assemblies by breaking the protective surface coating of metal components to enable direct metal to metal contact.

Huck fasteners also ensure a strong attachment of the solar panels to their frames to keep arrays intact even through winds in excess of 100 mph. Our advanced fasteners are so reliable that in a recent 10 year inspection done by a major utility in Japan not a single HuckBolt had failed. Other fasteners used in the large solar array required regular maintenance and had several failed joints.

Known for their industry-leading shear and tensile strength, HuckBolts deliver consistent clamp at every point of any installation. They are also designed to be tamper proof for an additional measure of security for valuable PV panels.


Huck® Solar System Fasteners

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