Originally designed for large vehicle flooring installations, Huck FloorTight® is the only controlled, self-countersinking blind fastener commercially available.  It’s ideal for all wood-to-metal applications, especially plywood and plymetal. FloorTight’s self-countersinking head eliminates the secondary counterboring process in plywood, and eliminates dimpling in metals.  Unlike screws that can be over-torqued or under-torqued, FloorTight ensures consistent, reliable installation every time.

  • The only controlled, self-countersinking blind fastener commercially available
  • Ideal for plywood and plymetal applications
  • Self-countersinking head eliminates secondary counterboring and dimpling
  • Can never be over-torqued or under-torqued

Available Sizes:  1/4", 5/16"

Materials:  Steel

Headstyles:  Standard, Wide Flange, Plymetal, 90° Countersunk



Huck FloorTight®

The Huck Floortight® has been specifically designed for use in vehicle flooring applications.

Additional options are available. For further assistance, please contact your local sales office.


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