Huck BOM®

The Huck BOM® has a very high strength to diameter ratio, making it suited for use in demanding structural applications as an alternative to threaded... read more

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Huck BOM® is the highest strength blind oversize fastener in the world. So strong, one BOM (Blind, Oversized Mechanically locked) fastener can do the work of up to four conventional fasteners. Its unique push-and-pull installation design makes it ideal for military vehicles, auto suspensions, rail car assembly, and much more. Accurate, easy, quick installation. No special training or skills required for operators.

  • Excellent pull-up and high retained clamp
  • High fatigue thread form extends the life of your structure
  • Often used as a replacement for welding

Very high strength/diameter ratio: Can be used in demanding structural applications as an alternative to threaded fasteners or welding 
Very high joint tightness when compared to conventional blind fasteners 
Very resistant to tampering, extremely hard to remove 
Excellent gap closure capability 
Large blind side footprint: Ideal for lower strength or thin sheet joint materials 
Headstyles: Protruding
Materials: Steel


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