1. Easy open/close function

  2. High tensile load capacity

  3. Excellent range of styles

What is a latch?

A latch is a simple mechanical fastener that joins two objects together but allows them to be easily separated. It's distinct from a lock in that it typically doesn't provide a high level of security, yet allows quick access to panels, etc.

Latches offer robust tensile load capacity which in turn means fewer fasteners can be used while maintaining secure connections. To accommodate variations in application requirements, latches can be specified to incorporate a draw-hook mechanism for tolerance adjustments. Additionally, a secondary locking option is available for applications demanding enhanced vibration resistance. 

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Features of a latch

Camloc latches offer the following features:

  • Strength & Capacity: Our latches come in different series, each offering varying tensile strengths and working loads. This ensures you can find a latch suitable for the application and industry.

  • Sleek Design: Many of our latches feature a design that conceals all internal mechanical parts and the counter hook. This creates a clean and finished look that complements your project's aesthetics.

  • Enhanced Security: For an extra layer of security on specific models, we offer optional secondary locks or hasps. These add another level of protection for access to restricted parts or areas.

By considering both the standard and optional features, you can choose the perfect latch for your needs!


Why choose Camloc?

Camloc uses 80+ year of engineering expertise to design and manufacture products that provide solutions to joining challenges across many industries. 

With the ability to create tailored products that meet the precise needs of their customers, Camloc are flexible in their approach to product innovation while maintaining a consistently superior level of quality in every fastener; the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.  


Key Benefits:

• Locking and unlocking the fastener is simple, simply clip/unclip the handle.

• Excellent tensile load carrying capacity, reducing the number of fasteners required.

• Tolerance adjustments through draw-hook mechanism possible.

• Also available with secondary locking mechanism, increasing the vibration resistance.

• A comprehensive range of latch styles and sizes available.


You can view our standard range of Latches below. If you have a unique application then our engineering team, with their extensive knowledge of advanced fastener function can create a sophisticated solution that perfectly matches your requirements.

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