1. Increases load capability

  2. Easy to install

  3. High torque resistance

What is a solid insert?

Camloc KeenSerts® are high strength solid inserts perfect for strengthening existing threads, or repairing or replacing damaged or stripped threads, enabling the damaged thread to be replaced with the same size thread.

Available in a range of metric and imperial thread dimensions and suitable for many applications.

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How are KeenSerts installed?

Installing Camloc KeenSerts is a three-step process that secures the insert into a damaged or stripped thread.

First, the hole is prepared by drilling with the correct diameter drill bit, followed by an optional countersinking step to create a smooth entry point.

Next, the hole requires the creation of new threads using a tap that matches the size of your Keensert. Finally, the Keensert is screwed into the prepared hole and the keys are driven into the material using appropriate installation tooling, permanently locking the insert in place.

Why choose Camloc?

Camloc uses 80+ year of engineering expertise to design and manufacture products that provide solutions to joining challenges across many industries. 

With the ability to create tailored products that meet the precise needs of their customers, Camloc are flexible in their approach to product innovation while maintaining a consistently superior level of quality in every fastener; the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.  

KEENSERTS Solid Inserts


• Significantly increases load capability in materials.

• Special kees lock the KEENSERTS® into place, eliminating rotation.

• Easy to install - no special taps required and no tangs to remove.

• High resistance to torque out and pullout.


You can browse our range of Keensert® solid inserts below. If you have a unique application then our engineering team, with their extensive knowledge of advanced fastener function can create a sophisticated solution that perfectly matches your requirements.

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