1. Vibration resistant fasteners

  2. Easy and fast operation

  3. Excellent range of sizes and styles

What is a quick-release fastener?

A quick-release fastener is a type of fastener that allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection of two parts. Unlike traditional screws or bolts, which require tools like wrenches or screwdrivers, quick-release fasteners use levers, cams, or buttons to secure the connection.

This makes them ideal for situations where frequent access is required, such as for maintenance, adjustments, or equipment upgrades.

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What are the different types of quick release fastener?

Camloc offer a comprehensive range of quick release fasteners, including:

  • Quarter turn fastener (see What Is A Quarter Turn Fastener
    Opens and locks with a simple quarter turn, available in a variety of headstyles for hand or tool operation.
  • Push turn fastener
    Opens using simple quarter turn action and locks with a push for fast operation
  • Push-push fastener
    Opens and locks with the push of a button.

Why choose Camloc?

Camloc uses 80+ year of engineering expertise to design and manufacture products that provide solutions to joining challenges across many industries. 

With the ability to create tailored products that meet the precise needs of their customers, Camloc are flexible in their approach to product innovation while maintaining a consistently superior level of quality in every fastener; the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.  

Quick Release Fasteners


• Locking and unlocking the fastener only requires a quarter turn or a push.

• Fasteners can be locked and unlocked in a matter of seconds, saving time and reducing costs.

• Vibration resistant - performs well in even the most intensive applications.

• Camloc 1/4-Turn Quick Release Fasteners are safe and easy to use.

• A comprehensive range of fastener styles available in many sizes.


You can browse our range of quick release fasteners and quarter turn fasteners below. If you have a unique application then our engineering team, with their extensive knowledge of advanced fastener function can create a sophisticated solution that perfectly matches your requirements.

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