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Photovoltaic frames can be difficult to fasten because they need to be secure to support the panels, vibration-resistant to allow movement of the unit, and tamperproof to stop theft and do all that in extreme temperature and corrosive environments such as the desert.

Howmet Fastening Systems Industrial fasteners can meet all of these requirements and are very popular in this type of application.

Howmet Fastening Systems Industrial offer a fastening solution for most solar field/panel applications:

  • Parabolic trough frame
    Parabolic trough frame
  • Photovoltaic Frame
    Photovoltaic Frame
  • Solar Panels
    Solar Panels

Some of the benefits of using Howmet Fastening Systems' fasteners in your solar applications are:

  • Performance & Quality

    Performance & Quality

    Quality fasteners engineered to deliver optimal and consistent joint performance

  • Lifetime Cost

    Lifetime Cost

    High performance joints can deliver considerable cost savings over product lifetime

  • Customisation Options

    Customisation Options

    Our experienced engineering teams can customised products to perfectly suit your application

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