1. One partner from concept to finished part

  2. Bespoke design to precise specification

  3. High volume capacity for high volume projects

  4. In-house finishing and treatment = quick turn around


Simmonds have experience of producing high specification, complex cold forged parts for many decades. The vast, experienced team of design and project engineers can create innovative designs from exact specifications and manufacture tailored, cold forged parts to precise requirements.

The team have the capability to manufacture high volumes of cold forged product due to the number of machines dedicated to the cold forging process - meaning a quicker turn around for large quantities. Secondary processes can also be completed at the manufacturing facility (such as drilling, tapping, surfacing, crimping and treatments), reducing overall cost as well as saving time.

Simmonds Cold-Forging & Secondary Processes

Simmonds engineers will work with customers to design and manufacture parts that meet requirements from specifications that are provided. The service provided to customers can include creating an initial part design concept to solve various challenges, if required. 

Based in St Cosme, France, the Simmonds manufacturing facility has high capacity cold-forging machines, including 9 multi-station forging presses and 5 vertical processes, with the capability to process wire with diameters from 5.5 mm up to 36mm. 

After parts are formed using the cold-forging technique, there is the option to add in secondary processes such as drilling, surfacing, tapping and crimping - dependent on design specifications. 

With the formation of the parts completed, Simmonds can then apply final treatments such as heat or surface treatments.

Heat treatments such as austempering, tempering, quenching, aging, annealing, precipitation and brazing can be achieved, to PRI NADCAP certification standards. 

Surface treatments including Zinc Nickel plating, SAA, Cadmium plating, Silver plating, passivation, dry film lube, lubrification, painting and aluminium pigment can be applied, again to PRI NADCAP certification standards.

Simmonds Cold Forging Process

The process of cold forging allows for a variety complex parts to be produced. At St Cosme, we can cold forge the part, and then apply any secondary processes such as drilling, surfacing, tapping and crimping, and then finally apply heat or surface treatments and platings, resulting in a finished part that is ready for use.

  1. Steel placed into die

  2. Force applied through mechanical pressure

  3. Material compressed and shaped within the die

  4. Cold forging complete

Simmonds Machining Capabilities

In addition to Cold Forging, Simmonds can also offer a variety of supplementary processes from initial concept through to prototype creation. 


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