The Key Benefits of Huck Tooling Systems

  1. Ensures quick installation of Huck fasteners

  2. Simple to use - eliminating user error

  3. Reliable and robust systems

About Huck Tooling Systems

Huck tooling systems are specially engineered to help you streamline your assembly processes by enabling quick, easy and consistent fastener installations.  

Built to be simple, robust and fool-proof, Huck tooling systems ensure that all of your LockBolts and Blind rivets are installed correctly, saving time and eliminating the risk of unexpected fastener failure. 

A range of tooling power options, styles and sizes available to find the perfect system for your application. 

As with all Huck products, global support is offered by our manufacturing locations around the world as well as our extensive network of experienced technical distributors.

How do Tooling Systems work?

In addition to the standard Pneumatic tooling, the range also includes Hydraulic systems for large diameter fasteners as well as Makita powered battery systems for installations in the field.

To begin you need to select a tool suitable for your power source (hydraulic, pneumatic or battery) and combine it with a nose assembly for the type and size fastener you are installing. 

The tooling preparation for Huck tooling is very simple. Firstly, the nose assembly for your fastener should be attached to the tool. Secondly, the power source should be attached and the force set. 

To install the fastener the tool is presented to the application and the nose assembly placed over the pin. Once the trigger is pulled the tool will automatically install the fastener, break the pin-tail (not required for BobTail®) and finally auto-release from the application. The broken pintail can either be ejected from the front of the nose assembly or captured in a pin bottle attached to the rear of the tool. You are then ready to install the next fastener.

Both the tooling itself and the process are designed to be quick and very simple, virtually eliminating user error.

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