Brands used in wind energy applications

Fastening Solutions for Wind Applications

The vibration-resistant and high-strength locking features of the Arconic Fastening Systems range of fasteners, especially the Huck brand, makes them particularly useful in lattice tower frames and similar large metal structures. Typical applications revolve around fastening the main metal frame girders and support beams. Possibly the most safety critical applications in the green energy industry are found on wind turbines where the height and movement of the equipment makes it especially important to fasten securely. Arconic Fastening Systems fasteners are used in numerous applications to secure wind turbines including fastening the tower frame and fastening the nacelle blades. Arconic Fastening Systems have special fasteners available for fastening the strong composite materials common to wind towers.

  • Monolithic Tower
    Monolithic Tower
  • Nacelle and Blade
    Nacelle and Blade
  • Lattice Tower
    Lattice Tower

Some of the benefits of using Arconic fasteners in your wind applications are:

  • Performance & Quality

    Performance & Quality

    Quality fasteners engineered to deliver optimal and consistent joint performance

  • Lifetime Cost

    Lifetime Cost

    High performance joints can deliver considerable cost savings over product lifetime

  • Customisation Options

    Customisation Options

    Our experienced engineering teams can customised products to perfectly suit your application


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