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Huck® Fastening Systems

Huck fasteners are designed for one purpose: to solve the problems of mechanical joining that our customers face. If you're experiencing issues with vibration, long-term fastener performance and maintenance, or simply want to reduce your assembly times then Huck fasteners can be the solution.

Huck, the inventor of the original Lockbolt, continues to innovate by developing new vibration-resistant fastening solutions on an unmatched scale. With many patented and trademarked products in the portfolio, Huck have the range and the engineering know-how to help solve your fastening problems.

Huck products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Combined with technical support from our global manufacturing facilities and experienced distributors, Huck are the partner of choice for safety critical fastening applications.

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Lockbolt Fastener Systems

Huck large diameter Lockbolting solutions support OEMs to create permanent, high-fatigue, vibration-resistant joints. Stronger joints mean safer, maintenance-free end products.

Our Lockbolt systems can streamline assemblies, saving time and money. Huck systems are designed from the ground up to be installed quickly and consistently, significantly improving assembly times vs bolting and welding alternatives.

Structural Blind Rivet Systems

Huck structural blind rivets are chosen by manufacturers to save time and money through the very quick, easy and repeatable installation process, minimising skilled labour requirements.

Typically installed in under a second, Huck blind rivets are also valued for their vibration resistance, installed performance levels and reliability in application.

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