Brands used in automotive applications

Not just manufactured. Engineered.

Howmet Fastening Systems is a global manufacturer of high-quality, reliable, high-performance automotive fasteners.

With decades of providing both standard and highly specialized fasteners to automotive OEMs and tier suppliers we can support you in creating a securely fastened automotive product.

Our extensive range of products offers the precise fastener you need for most automotive applications.

Howmet Fastening Systems offers a fastening solution for most automotive applications:

  • Engine Block
    Engine Block
  • Steering Column
    Steering Column
  • Door Frames
    Door Frames
  • Fuse Box
    Fuse Box
  • Front & Rear Bumpers
    Front & Rear Bumpers

Product Benefits

  • Performance & Quality

    Performance & Quality

    Quality fasteners engineered to deliver optimal and consistent joint performance

  • Lifetime Cost

    Lifetime Cost

    High performance joints can deliver considerable cost savings over product lifetime

  • Customisation Options

    Customisation Options

    Our experienced engineering teams can customised products to perfectly suit your application

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