Howmet Fastening Systems

The Howmet Fastening Systems Industrial product range offers the greatest breadth and depth of fastening solutions available including: self-locking nuts, quick-release fasteners, draw latches, threaded inserts, lock-bolts & structural blind fasteners.

Brands We Manufacture:

  • Huck



    High performance LockBolts including BobTail, structural blind fasteners and installation tooling:

    Huck LockBolts and structural blind fasteners are designed to provide permanent, vibration-resistant, superior-quality joining solutions for use in industrial applications.

    Because Huck fasteners offer relatively high tensile, shear and clamp properties they are suited to applications where the joints are integral to the structure. Offering a clean and safe alternative to welding and a more efficient fastening method than standard nuts and bolts, Huck fasteners offer benefits which other fastening methods cannot, including quick and easy installation, elimination of re-checking / replacement, and ultimately cost reductions. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HUCK

  • Recoil



    A wide range of wire thread inserts, tangless inserts, installation tooling and thread repair kits:

    Recoil’s range of quality wire thread inserts enable you to produce strong, permanent threads in metals and plastics but are particularly useful for creating strong threads in softer materials such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys.

    With a huge range of insert sizes on offer from 2mm diameter up to 100mm and in virtually all thread forms including METRIC, UNC, UNF, BSC, BA, BSP and BSW. We also stock rarer thread forms such as National Pipe Taper (NPT). Our new Tangless® range of inserts is especially effective for engine and electronics applications. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT RECOIL

  • Camloc



    Quick release fasteners, latches, KEENSERTS® and bespoke solutions:

    The range of quick release fasteners, draw latches & solid inserts from Camloc brings together 75 years' worth of experience, traditional engineering skill and innovation, providing customers with effective, reliable and creative solutions for applications in electronics, industrial, transportation, aerospace and defence markets.

    Camloc quick release fasteners are captive meaning that the fasteners remained attached to the machine or the guarding when removed. Our draw latches provide an adjustable, high-performance method ideal for securing machine and equipment parts that must be opened or removed frequently and our KEENSERTS are high strength, vibration resistant solid inserts with locking "kees" designed to hold the insert in place. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CAMLOC

  • Simmonds



    Specialised cold forging & screw machining capabilities and a wide range of standard & special nuts:

    In 1936, aircraft designer Sir Oliver Simmonds company produced its first collection of aerospace nuts and accessories. Forty years later, Simmonds permanently indented its name on the fastening world by inventing and manufacturing the first ever range of nylon ring self-locking nuts - The Nylstop.

    In recent years, Simmonds has continued to develop this expertise and capability in high specification female thread fastener solutions which enables us to make high precision bespoke nuts to meet the specific quality, performance and cost requirements of our customers. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SIMMONDS

Industry Sectors

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