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Not just manufactured. Huck Engineered.

For over 30 years, the Huck® brand has set the standard for joining technology with a range of vibration-resistant, maintenance-free fastener options. From shock mount and suspension member installations to truck cab and ladder assembly, Huck fasteners provide the industry's most advanced fastening solutions. Huck fasteners are 100% maintenance-free. No re-checking. No re-torquing. No re-tightening. Ever. 

So, a truck that is assembled using Huck fasteners represents a better value, delivers better life cycle value through, reduced warranty claims, and longer life. 

Unlike conventional nuts and bolts, HuckBolts and structural blind rivets are the result of advanced engineering and manufacturing processes. These fasteners are designed and manufactured to the
highest standard of quality — providing clamp, tensile strength, fatigue strength, and vibration resistance that is unmatched by any other fastener.

Howmet Fastening Systems Industrial offer a fastening solution for most truck applications:

  • Suspension Members
    Suspension Members
  • Air Bag & Shock Mounts
    Air Bag & Shock Mounts
  • Fifth Wheel Angle Assembly
    Fifth Wheel Angle Assembly
  • Axle Connection
    Axle Connection
  • Ladder Assembly
    Ladder Assembly

Some of the benefits of using Huck fasteners in your truck are:

  • Performance & Quality

    Performance & Quality

    Quality fasteners engineered to deliver optimal and consistent joint performance

  • Lifetime Cost

    Lifetime Cost

    High performance joints can deliver considerable cost savings over product lifetime

  • Customisation Options

    Customisation Options

    Our experienced engineering teams can customised products to perfectly suit your application

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