By Juergen Reinhart

HFS Industrial are excited to announce the arrival of the new V34F Series into the Camloc product range. The V34F Series is a heavy duty quarter-turn quick release fastener with the capability of absorbing high tensile loads and withstanding mechanical damage under severe operating conditions.

The ultimate tensile strength of the V34F is 10,000lbs or 44,482N, with a working load of 6,500lbs or 28,913N making it a robust and reliable choice in shipbuilding, military or similar extreme applications.

A unique system allows fine tuning of the grip range and preload using a grub screw located at the bottom of the stud. This system makes the fastener ideal for any clamping application where a gasket or O-ring is used, or larger thickness tolerances are required such as in laminated fibre panels or for use with multiple layers of paint. 

For further information, please view the V34 series product page or refer to our catalog.

If you would like to talk to us about the new V34F, please contact us