• 'Best in class' mechanical performance
  • Excellent retained clamp
  • High fatigue strength

Huck BOM® Overview

Tailored for robust fastening demands in heavy-duty applications like construction, container assembly, railway projects, mining operations, and bridge building, the BOM heavy-duty fastener stands out as a structural blind fastener with superior strength and tamper resistance. The unique locking mechanism not only facilitates a vibration-resistant joint but also prevents stem loosening.

Our BOM line not only delivers high tensile and shear strength, typically associated with lockbolts but also introduces the flexibility of single-sided installation. This makes it especially well-suited for use in areas with limited access.

The BOM fastener ensures ease of use, featuring a quick and repeatable installation process that demands minimal operator skill.

Key Benefits

  • Offers lockbolt level performance

  • Very high tensile and shear strength

  • Exceptional swift and repeatable installation

  • Excellent vibration resistance

  • High grip capability

  • Tamper-resistant features


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