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  • Innovative and unique lockbolt design with no pin break
  • Installation indicator for visual inspection
  • Maintenance free joints with consistent clamp
  • Low-noise, low-maintenance tooling

Huck BobTail® Overview

Highly durable, resistant to vibrations, and environmentally friendly, the BobTail® non-break-stem lockbolt fastening system is engineered for robust structural applications. Featuring a distinctive two-piece design with locking grooves for enhanced strength and vibration resistance, the BobTail® system stands out in heavy-duty applications.

In contrast to conventional lockbolt fasteners, the BobTail® system eliminates the need for pin breakage, resulting in reduced noise, minimal metal waste, absence of installation shock, no risk of pintails dropping into the application or work area, and no corrosion at a pin-break surface. The absence of shock loads extends tool life and reduces operator fatigue. Additionally, the Helical "fit-up" feature facilitates swift pre-assembly of the collar on the pin.

BobTail® ensures a maintenance-free hold without the need for torque or re-torque.

Available in various diameters and lengths, BobTail® lockbolts can be effortlessly installed using a range of tools equipped with fastener-specific nose assemblies.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced vibration resistance through locking grooves (compared to traditional lockbolts)

  • Radial bar indicators on flange facilitate rapid visual swage inspection upon placement

  • Fast, operator-independent installation for heightened productivity

  • Minimal metal wastage

  • Mitigates stem break point corrosion (unlike traditional lockbolts)

  • Reduced pin size and weight, lowering warehousing and shipping expenses

  • Helical "fit-up" form enables swift pre-assembly of collar on the pin

  • Well-suited for upside-down installation


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