By Howmet Fastening Systems Industrial

Fors MW has significantly increased the manufacturing efficiency of the new BIGAB hook lift system by swapping to the Huck® BobTail® LockBolt. 

When Fors MW started investigating an alternative solution for assembly of their hook lift vehicle, the aims for the design team were to 1) completely redesign the 45-year-old lift and 2) improve manufacturing efficiency. The Huck BobTail system helped them solve both problems.

The hook lift is used for lifting heavy weights in heavy-duty agricultural and forestry applications. In the past, the hook lift system was welded together. However, welding requires skilled workers, which are becoming harder to find, and takes a lot more time to assemble. 

With support of KVT-Fastening, an authorised Huck distributor based in Austria, and the experienced Huck engineering team based in Telford UK, Fors MW trialled the Huck BobTail LockBolt technology and decided it was a perfect solution for their assembly.

Ulrica Fors, CEO of Fors MW, explained the reasons for choosing Huck BobTail:

“Not only does the BobTail massively reduce installation time and simplify assembly vs welding but it also solved our issue of finding skilled welders. Additionally, the BobTail has enabled us to design in a modular way, leading to more flexible design options across the board for our design team here at MW Fors. Finally, the superior vibration resistance gives us and our customers the peace of mind that the joints are safe and secure and won’t weaken or loosen over time, even under heavy use in demanding applications.” 

HUCK BobTail LockBolts provide high strength, permanent, vibration-resistant joints. Unlike traditional LockBolts, the BobTail is designed without a pin-tail, eliminating material waste, installation noise and corrosion. Using the specially designed, compact installation tools, the BobTail can be set in under two seconds by a single operator – almost twice as fast as competing products, and much faster than welding.

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