Huck Magna-Lok MX Reset selection

  • Directly replaces M10 bolts 
  • Quick and repeatable installation
  • High performance, vibration resistant joints
  • Lower lifetime joint cost

Huck Magna-Lok MX Overview

Magna-Lok blind rivets are meticulously designed and crafted for challenging applications, prioritizing safety and performance to meet customer demands. They represent an optimal solution for applications requiring one-sided access and a high-strength fastener.

The new Huck Magna-Lok® MX offers all the great benefits of the standard Magna-Lok but has been specially designed to replace M10 bolts, aimed at reducing your assembly times and production costs.

The Magna-Lok MX is installed quickly and easily in a matter of seconds, by only a single, unskilled labourer. This ensures your assembly is completed both quickly and cost-effectively.

Once installed the Magna-Lok MX delivers repeatable and consistent joint performance, with washer-free water-resistance* and vibration resistance. The joint does not need to be checked or re-torqued, eliminating maintenance costs over your product lifetime.


Key Benefits

  • Directly replaces M10 bolts

  • Very high shear and tensile strength

  • Excellent sheet take-up performance and gap closing abilities

  • Visible lock for quick and easy inspection

  • Exceptional hole fill through rapid body expansion

  • Exceptionally fast and repeatable installation

  • Washer-Free Water Resistance


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