Camloc Keenserts® Solid Inserts

Strong solid inserts with locking, anti-rotation kees for strengthening, repairing or replacing threads. Available in a range of sizes and forms.  ... read more

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Camloc Keenserts® are high strength solid inserts typically made from stainless steel. They are available in a wide range of metric and imperial thread dimensions for numerous applications.

Camloc Keenserts® can be used to give increased thread strength in low strength materials such as alloys, steel and cast iron. They are also ideal for replacing damaged or stripped threads and have the advantage of enabling replacement with the same size thread.

Keenserts® utilise “kees” which, when installed, give additional positive mechanical lock against rotation and vibration. The Keensert® either have 2 or 4 pre-assembled kees (dependent on the size of the external thread). Once the kees have been installed into the parent material, the insert is locked firmly into position and is extremely difficult to be removed giving reassurance of a strong fixing. The solid configuration gives improved longevity with multiple tightening and loosening of the bolt. A dry film lubrication on the surface protects the screw from galling.

Keenserts® are a product of the Camloc brand. Camloc are experts in the fastenings industry with over 80 years’ experience and in-depth product knowledge.


  • Significantly increases load capability in weaker materials
  • Special "kees" lock the Keensert into place, eliminating rotation
  • Easy to install - no special taps required and no tangs to remove
  • Defect threads can be renewed with same nominal diameter



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