Huck Hucktainer® Reset selection

  • Pin break fastener
  • Two piece fastener for panel boards
  • Integral seal around pin head prevents moisture ingress

Huck Hucktainer® Overview

Featuring an internally locked stem for exceptional shear strength, the Hucktainer® fastener establishes a vibration-resistant joint with an added advantage of being watertight, courtesy of its optional under-head seal.

Crafted from high-strength steel, this fastener is tailored for securely joining composite panels to metal. Hucktainer® excels in fastening metal to metal as well as metal to GRP or composites.

This innovative fastener effectively prevents cracking and pull-through of composite materials, making it particularly successful in the assembly of GRP vehicle panels.

Key Benefits

  • Safeguards against the cracking and pull-through of composite materials

  • Particularly suitable for assembling GRP vehicle panels

  • Boasts high shear strength, ensuring robust joint integrity

  • Features an optional under-head seal for water resistance

  • Optional encapsulated heads that match the surrounding panel colour

  • Quick and repeatable installation


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