Camloc 50F 900N Series - Quarter Turn

The Camloc 50F 900N series is a quarter turn fastener, available in a variety of head styles and receptacle styles. 


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Camloc 50F 900N Series - Quarter Turn Overview

The 50F 900N series is a quarter-turn fastener which features an incorporated plastic washer to protect decorative surfaces.

The maximum tensile strength is 900N and the working load is 650N. The 40F 900N can either be supplied with a snap-in or clip-on spring loaded receptacle, and a snap-in grommet for quick stud installation without a retaining washer.

Camloc quarter turn fasteners are quick, easy and safe to install and use. Locking and unlocking the fastener only requires a quarter turn.

All Camloc fasteners feature excellent vibration resistance, performing well in even the most intensive applications.

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