Camloc 3352PT Pneumatic Installation Tooling

The hydro-pneumatic Power Tool is designed to install metric KEENSERTS inserts from sizes M5 to M24, depending on the tool you select Due to the forc... read more

Please note: It is recommended that the user secure specific, up-to-date data regarding the use of HFS products. For more information, please read our terms and conditions. 

KEENSERTS solid thread inserts can now be easily installed with this pneumatic installation tool. Select between 3352PTC-1 for KEENSERTS between metric sizes M5-M12, or 3352PTC-2 for KEENSERTS between metric sizes M5 - M24.

Pneudralic tooling is used to install either Keysert or KEENSERTS in sizes from M5-M24 or #10-1” using a specific nosepiece for each size. Nosepieces are a modular 3-piece design with each component available as an individual part. 


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