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Collet Assembly

Installs on the linear movable arm and actuated with SMC hand valve to compressed air supply to spot weld or rivet weld coupons.

Coupon Fixture

Installs on fixed arm to hold two coupons up to 50mm wide with securing clamps either inline or in a cross with overlap to create test joint.

SMC Hand Valve

The included pneumatic control actuates the RSR head in your lab once coupon stackup is secured in fixture.


A variety of sheet coupons are provided in different materials and thicknesses, some with pre-drilled pilot holes.


RSR rivets in the three sizes currently manufactured are included to help you assess your needs in joining strengths.


The kit, including poly tubing to connect air line, two spare collets with seals and springs, plus tools to install on weld head.

Reducing Mixed Material Joining Limitations

By implementing an RSR Starter kit in your lab, you can see how previous limitations to mixed material joining are drastically reduced, allowing steel substrates of >2000MPa. With an overview of your problematic stackups, we can work with your team to develop an appropriate weld schedule.

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