Huck Magna-Tite® Reset selection

  • The roofing specialist fastener
  • Ideal for lower strength or thin sheet joint materials
  • Accommodates a large variation in joint thicknesses

Huck Magna-Tite® Overview

Introducing the Huck Magna-Tate, an innovative fastener boasting a visible mechanical lock, providing added strength to joints.

Designed to excel in applications involving thin sheets or low-strength materials, the Huck Magna-Tite features a substantial blind-side bearing area. Crafted from durable aluminium alloy, this rivet can be equipped with an optional under-head washer, ensuring a weatherproof seal.

Whether your project demands structural or non-structural fasteners, the Huck Magna-Tite stands as the optimal choice for plastic assembly applications.

Key Benefits

  • Robust, vibration-resistant joints

  • The split tail formation spreads the tail bearing load/clamp load on the rear sheet

  • For use in thin sheet materials, offering high resistance to pull-out loads

  • Boasts multi-grip capability, accommodating wide variations in material thickness

  • Ideal for applications involving very soft or brittle materials

  • Features a visible lock, facilitating quick and easy inspection

  • Offers an optional under-head washer for a weatherproof seal


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