Huck Auto-Bulb® Reset selection

  • Ideal for lower strength or thin sheet joint materials
  • Good Mechanical Performance
  • Hole Finding geometry idea for automated applications

Huck Auto-Bulb® Overview

The Auto-Bulb® rivet is engineered for robust and vibration-resistant joints, boasting an interference lock that ensures exceptional strength. The unique Auto-Bulb head has been specifically designed for easy hole location, making it perfect for automated assembly applications.

As a structural break-stem fastener, the Auto-Bulb® demonstrates impressive shear and tensile strength, accompanied by a substantial blind-side bearing area against the rear sheet. This feature effectively distributes the load and prevents creep.

The versatile Auto-Bulb® fastener is suitable for a range of applications, including fastening metal to metal, metal to plastic, and thin sheet to thick metal.

Key Benefits

  • Hole-finding head technology for automated applications

  • Large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet

  • Splined stem forms an interference lock

  • Effectively spreads the tail bearing/clamp load on the rear sheet

  • High pin retention prevents noise and vibration in dynamic assemblies

  • Recessed pin-break prevents snagging

  • Provides robust, vibration-resistant joints


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