Simmonds Nylon Locking Nut - NYLSTOP - TYPE T

Nylstop - L'écrou de verrouillage en nylon d'origine L'écrou Nylstop est conçu pour empêcher le désengagement des écrous et des boulons pendant l'uti... read more

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Nylstop - The Original Nylon Locking Nut

The Nylstop nut is designed to stop nut and bolt disengagement during use. The internal nylon ring deforms around the threads as the nut is twisted on to the bolt, ensuring a tight, vibration resistant grip on the bolt.


  • Vibration resistant - The deformation of the nylon ring holds the fastener in place even under extreme vibration
  • Corrosion resistance - The standard product is Zinc Nickel plated achieving a minimum 720 hours on salt spray test
  • Re-usability - Can be fastened and unfastened a minimum of 15 times without compromising minimum required performance (ISO 2320)
  • Consistency - The Nylstop nuts permits a complete automation of installation because of constant quality and very low scatter of the locking torque. This allows installation without concerns of defective or non-conforming nuts and reduces the cost of monitoring and tight inspection.
  • Chemical resistance - The nylon 6.6 polyamide used is completely insensitive to a myriad of acids, solvents and oil based liquids
  • Temperature resistance - Operating temperature range between -40°C and 140°C (peak condition)

Popular Applications: Any industrial application
Diameters: M2.5 - M52
Materials: Steel CL8 & CL10, Stainless Steel A2 & A4
Standard Coating: Zinc Nickel
Available in 2 different height varieties (P-Normal, T-Low)

Nylstop is a trademark of Howmet Fixations Simmonds SAS and /or its subsidiaries


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