• Installs metric KEENSERTS® from size M5 to M12 and imperial sizes from 10-32 (10-24) to ½-20 (½-13)
  • Portable tool makes installation easy in any environment
  • It is easy to operate due to the one-trigger operation
  • Quick, consistent and reliable installation
  • The battery driven system is low maintenance, ergonomic and lightweight
  • Individual adjustments can be made using the integrated force control directly via the tool’s display
  • Multiple language selection available via the tool’s display
  • Nosepieces for each size of KEENSERTS® are available (must be ordered separately)
  • All nosepieces are compatible with the hydropneumatic KEENSERTS® Power Tool 3352PT1 and 3352PT2

For further information, please download the flyer, click here to watch the installation video or contact us at [email protected]