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Magna-Lok boasts versatile multi-grip capability.


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Huck MGLP-R16-12 Overview

Magna-Lok blind rivets are meticulously designed and crafted for challenging applications, prioritizing safety and performance to meet customer demands. They represent an optimal solution for applications requiring one-sided access and a high-strength fastener.

These structural break-stem fasteners ensure a fully sealed joint and a visible lock as well as offering a generous grip range. Magna-Lok® rivets are very versatile, serving to fasten metal to metal and metal to plastic.

The 316 grade version provides superior corrosion resistance, especially against pitting and crevice corrosion. This alloy is particularly effective for assemblies in marine and hostile environments.

Key Benefits

  • High shear and tensile strength for robust performance

  • Excellent sheet take-up performance and gap closing abilities

  • Visible lock for quick and easy inspection

  • Exceptional hole fill through rapid body expansion

  • Wide grip range streamlines fastener inventory and simplifies stock control

  • Compensates for irregular, oversized, slotted, or misaligned holes

  • Exceptionally fast and repeatable installation

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