Camloc Keenserts® KNT Hand Tool

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliability for repetitive installations
  • No special training required

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Camloc Keenserts® KNT Hand Tool Overview

The KNT hand tool for KEENSERTS® provides a reliable, fast and easy installation which is also safe for repetitive installations.
No special training is required for this new line of tools.
The tool provides excellent guidance during installation and due to the smooth installation process, this eliminates any bending or damage to the “kees”. 


Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Reliable for repetitive installations

  • Safe for installing Keenserts

  • No special training required

Tech Specs

KEENSERTS® Size Part Number
KNHM(L)4X0.7 KNT01-HM4x0.7AU
KNM(L)5X0.8  KNT01-M5x0.8AU
KNHM(L)5X0.8  KNT01-HM5x0.8AU
KNM(L)6X1.0  KNT01-M6x1.0AU
KNHM(L)6X1.0  KNT01-HM6x1.0AU
KNM(L)8X1.25  KNT01-M8x1.25AU
KNHM(L)8X1.25  KNT01-HM8x1.25AU
KNM(L)10X1.5  KNT01-M10x1.5AU
KNHM(L)10X1.5   KNT01-HM10x1.5AU
KNM(L)12X1.75  KNT01-M12x1.75AU
KNHM(L)12X1.75  KNT01-HM12x1.75AU
KNHM(L)14x2.0  KNT03-HM14x2.0AU
KNHM(L)16x2.0  KNT03-HM16x2.0AU
KNHM(L)18x1.5  KNT03-HM18x1.5AU
KNHM(L)20x2.5  KNT03-HM20x2.5AU
KNHM(L)24x3.0  KNT03-HM24x3.0AU



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