Simmonds High temperature Locking Nut - MHT

Série MHT Un écrou de forme conique, où le diamètre de la partie supérieure de l'écrou est légèrement réduit. Six fentes verticales s'ouvrent progres... read more

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MHT Series

A conical shaped nut, where the diameter of the upper part of the nut is slightly reduced. Six vertical slots will open gradually whilst the nut is screwed onto the bolt. The elasticity provided by the particular shape of the nut will ensure the required locking torque.


  • Temperature resistance - Operating temperature range between -40°C and 280°C. Reacts swiftly to sudden temperature change and maintains locking torque
  • High Fatigue resistance - Nut design permits a less aggressive contact during and after installation reducing stress levels inside the bolt and nut
  • Vibration resistant - The six beams hold the fastener in place even under extreme vibration
  • Re-usability - can be fastened and unfastened a minimum of 15 times without compromising minimum required performance (ISO 2320)
  • Consistency - Extremely low scatter of the locking torque. Locking torque more predictable than any other prevailing torque nut
  • Corrosion resistance - The standard product is Zinc Nickel plated achieving a minimum 720 hours on salt spray test

Popular Applications: Pumps, engines, turbo chargers, braking systems
Diameters: M5 - M20
Materials: Steel Class 8
Standard Coating: Zinc Nickel


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