About KeenSerts® installation tooling

KeenSerts installation tooling provides everything you need for a fast, efficient, and easy installation of KeenSerts solid inserts. Whether you prefer manual or powered options, we have the right tools for a successful installation.

Browse our range of Keensert® installation tools below to find the perfect solution for your needs. If you have a unique application, our expert engineering team is here to help. With their extensive knowledge of advanced fastener function, they can create a sophisticated solution that perfectly matches your requirements. Contact us to speak to one of our engineers to discuss your specific needs today.

Different types of KeenSerts installation tooling

KeenSerts KNT Hand Tool:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Reliability for repetitive installations
  • No special training required


3352PT Pneumatic Installation Tool:

  • Installation of metric KeenSerts from M5 to M24
  • Single button operation for easy use
  • Low maintenance, ergonomic and lightweight tool

Why choose Camloc?

Camloc uses 80+ year of engineering expertise to design and manufacture products that provide solutions to joining challenges across many industries. 

With the ability to create tailored products that meet the precise needs of their customers, Camloc are flexible in their approach to product innovation while maintaining a consistently superior level of quality in every fastener; the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.


Nachstehend können Sie unser Angebot an Keensert®-Montagewerkzeugen durchsuchen. Wenn Sie eine spezielle Anwendung haben, kann unser Ingenieurteam mit seinem umfassenden Wissen über fortschrittliche Befestigungsfunktionen eine anspruchsvolle Lösung entwickeln, die Ihren Anforderungen perfekt entspricht.

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