SNEP Single Slotted Nut - ESN-H100

Einfach geschlitzte Mutter - Selbsthemmende Wirkung durch axiale Verformung des Gewindeoberteils Nutzen Vibrationsbeständig - Hält den Verbinder a... read more

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Single slotted nut - Self-locking effect obtained by axial deformation of the upper part of the thread


  • Vibration resistant - Holds the fastener in place even under extreme vibration
  • Temperature resistance - Operating temperature range between -40°C and 280°C
  • Re-usability - Can be fastened and unfastened a minimum of 5 times without compromising minimum required performance according to ISO2320
  • High technical performance for a relatively low price - Excellent value for money
  • High Fatigue resistance - Nut design permits a less aggressive contact during and after installation reducing stress levels inside the bolt and nut

ESN130 - For increased fatigue and mechanical resistance.

Popular Applications: Numerous rail industry applications, mining, agriculture, compressors, cranes, off-shore platforms, HVAC, trucks
Diameters: M4 - M27
Materials: Steel CL6 & CL8, Stainless Steel A2 & A4
Standard Coating: Steel - White zinc plated, Stainless steel - Anti seizing protection SITAL BHT


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