Recoil Tangless Inserts

A step ahead in thread insert technology

Advanced Recoil® Tangless® wire thread inserts offer the strength and performance of standard Recoil inserts, but without the tang to break off post-installation so they are free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD). Once installed, these Tangless inserts share the load over the entire bolt and hole, improving joint strength and pull-out resistance while saving time and providing reliability of each threaded union.

Increased installation speed
Without a tang to remove after insert is installed, a complete stage in the process is eliminated. There is no necessary vacuuming or tang extraction or the counting of displaced tangs to ensure none are left in the manufactured product. This is ideal for saving time during automatic installation in high volume applications. The bi-directional design also eliminates time-consuming insert checking prior to each installation.

Installation adjustment and removal flexibility
Tangless inserts are easily adjusted or removed after initial installation. Technicians simply re-insert the installation tool and unwind the insert from its threaded hole. The tool never touches the application, ensuring no damage occurs; a big improvement over outmoded insert removal techniques. Eliminating loose tangs that can potentially damage the finished product improves throughput and reduces rework on your production line.

Recoil Tangless inserts to fit your manufacturing needs

Free-Running Tangless inserts

Free-Running Tangless inserts are quick and easy to install, even when using basic hand tooling. These proven inserts create high-strength threads in even soft, low-strength materials. Available in imperial and metric versions, UNC and UNF.



Locking Tangless Inserts

Locking Tangless inserts are designed to retain screws or bolts under the most severe vibration or temperature conditions. Upon bolt entry, the straight segments are flexed outwardly, creating pressure on the bolt between the flanks to maximize contact area. Available in both imperial and metric versions, UNC and UNF.


Strip feed Tangless inserts deliver optimal production efficiency by increasing installation cycles and reducing operator fatigue. Each insert is retained in a plastic strip which is passed through a slot in the front-end assembly nozzle, indexing the insert to the installation mandrel. 

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*Tangless® is a registered trademark of Advantex